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This forum | Dr. B.R. Ambedkar popular digital media resource is an effort to consolidate different audio-visual and textual media about Baba Saaheb. There is a special energy in public created and modified material about Ambedkar Ji. We want people to join in this effort to organise and celebrate this popular media which is flooding social media and chat apps.

Apart from it, we will try to access official archives and provide authentic material plus will try to create and commission aesthetically high value resources for all to access. Use it for education, art or simply share and download.

No Offensive Content

No Advertising on Our Forum

No Spreading of Any Copyrighted Material

Please be Nice!

No Spamming on Our Forum

Admin Decisions are Final

More the Merrier!

we are inviting all like minded people

to join this forum and be an active contributor.

Site Rules:
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