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Our intention is to consolidate different audio-visual and textual media about Baba Saheb and Ambedkarite Thoughts. We are trying to create and commission aesthetically high-value resources for all to access. It will be great if you could contribute to achieving this objective otherwise just browse the site and enjoy it.

This contribution system (mean UPI system) works for Indian currency so you can only contribute in ₹ Indian Rupees. So go ahead and contribute whatever amount suits your heart.  जय भीम!


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Please, scan this code with your phone payment App for convenient contribution.

Or simply type out UPI ID: 9719674350@apl That's it!

Help us raise fund to continue this website and create a mobile App Plus exclusive art and media in collaboration with writers, artists, and filmmakers. So if you feel for this initiative and like to help you are welcomed.
Thanks for your kind contribution!

We understand, sometimes we can not make up our mind about online contributions. No problem, you can get in touch with us via email. Thanks for visiting the Ambedkar Resources website.

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